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Published on Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Guns of Retribution

By Icy Sedgwick

Reviewed by Matthew Pizzolato


THE GUNS OF RETRIBUTION by Icy Sedgwick is a fun read that any Western fan is sure to enjoy. It begins and ends in exactly the right places. There is enough backstory provided to whet the reader's appetite and to identify the motivation of the characters, but not so much that it bogs down the story.

The novella opens with a unique twist on the typical Western train robbery that brought a smile to my face but left me wondering where the story was headed. Sedgwick wastes no time getting to the action as the events take off like a runaway locomotive.

Bounty hunter Gray O'Donnell is after a murderous outlaw and faces opposition at every turn. His sworn enemy, Jasper Roberts, becomes the sheriff of
    The Guns of Retribution
Retribution and throws Gray's mother into prison. There's one thing true of every hero or villain in the West. You don't mess with a man's momma and get away with it.

The events of this story are wrapped up quite nicely, yet just the right hint of a possible sequel is left open. Will Gray go searching for his lost love or will he be besieged by the femme fatale of the story Madeline Beaufontaine?

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